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Foxintelligence specialises in e-commerce market research. We market anonymised e-commerce statistics. We believe that consumer transactional data has transformative power for both consumers and organisations.
We strive to provide great value to our users through our products. For example, we are developing features that use consumer data to save consumers time or money.
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Train delay? Get your money back. Automatically.
Misterfox is an app that helps its users claim compensation. Initially designed for train delays, the app then turned to Amazon package tracking and delays.
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Save the planet, sort your mailbox
Cleanfox is an app that allows you to delete newsletters you no longer read with one click.
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Give the second hand a facelift
Greenfox is an app that allows you to track your expenses, know their carbon footprint and connect you with second-hand solutions.
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We are a very ambitious team, eager to write the future of data use to build a more efficient and just world - and always looking for the next members of our team.

Community, transparency and tenacity are our core values and we are always recruiting people more talented than us.

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