About us

At Greenfox, we want to help our users understand their carbon footprint thanks to a precise calculation based on the details of their purchases and the Ademe database. By making sense of this data, we give them a path to action to identify unnecessary purchases that are sleeping in their wardrobe.

The genesis of the project is based on the following observation: today, the second-hand market has a flaw. There are more buyers than sellers and yet we all have things to sell.
By enabling our users to identify their purchases for resale and the partners to do so, we are rebalancing the second-hand market.
Move fast. We move fast to build, iterate and converge faster towards better solutions.
Better everyday. We think big and always push for better solutions to achieve our ambitions, we never resort to mediocrity to create outsized results, day after day.
Make it clear. Clarity is good. We communicate internally and externally with unwavering candor, honesty and respect. We believe clarity is a continuous and necessary effort to empower everyone, through knowledge and self awareness.
Help and care. Trust is earned. We strive to earn it with actions, not words. We help our partners and clients as much as we can and we care for our team mates. The question "can you help me" has only one answer for us, "yes".

Our team

Greenfox is the most practical and eco-friendly app to help you track your spending, know your carbon footprint and connect you with second-hand solutions.  With Greenfox, not only can you track your purchases, but you can also reduce your carbon footprint!
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Louis Balladur
Angèle Baneyx
Traffic Manager Intern
Maxence Chantôme
iOS Developer
Clément Charvet
UI Designer
Cassandra De Carvalho
UI Designer
Diane Durand
Product Owner
Lucas Fauchille
DevOps Engineer
Léa Gonnet
Carbon Footprint Expert
Ludovic Langrand
Full Stack Developer
Marie Laplace
Product Manager
Jean-Christophe Montigny
DevOps Manager
Guillaume Motte
Traffic Manager
Edouard Nattée
Stéphane Ngo
Android Developer
Anaïs Ould Abdesselam
Community Manager
Jérôme Pilliet
Lead Developer
Nicolas Remia
Lucile Ritchie
Carbon Footprint Expert
Croquettes Owner
Croquettes Designer


Greenfox is a service developed by Foxintelligence, an e-commerce market research company. We market anonymous data for statistical purposes. By registering with Greenfox, you become part of the Foxintelligence online consumer panel.
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