How does Greenfox work?

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Connect the mailbox with which you make online purchases
View the summary of your purchases in recent years
View your statistics, the evolution and carbon footprint of your purchases
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Which data do we collect?

First, we collect some basic contact information at the time of creating your account. Then, with your consent, we connect Greenfox to your mailbox.
By scanning your mailbox, we note the subscriptions to newsletters and order confirmations which allow us to generate the statistics.
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We have never sold, we do not sell and we will never sell data for the purposes of targeted advertising, re-identification or profiling.

How is the data used?

Our data is used for statistical purposes and intended for companies that want to gain more knowledge of their activities, markets or competitors. It cannot be used for targeted advertising, profiling or re-identification.
We have chosen to never using data for advertising purposes.
Calculating market shares
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We can deduce the market share of the companies in their sector, solely from the order receipts and confirmations.
Analyzing customer loyalty
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We offer companies an overview of their competitors from whom their customers order. We thus allow them to measure the loyalty of their customers to their brand.
Predicting the sensitivity of a market to promotions
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Once an order that has benefited from a discount has been placed, we are capable of deducing the impact of this promotion on the decision to purchase.
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Our teams are trained in the GDPR and we strive to constantly improve ourselves on these subjects. We are committed to respecting your privacy.
Confidentiality policy
Our policy on user data protection is intended to fulfil our obligation of transparency and information by advising you of all the information required under the GDPR.
General terms of use
The General terms of use aim to inform you of the method of operation of Greenfox and the rules to follow, and guarantees you benefit from upon its use.
Right of data portability
With regard to your personal data, you have the right of portability, allowing you to obtain your data that you have communicated to us.
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